With so many aspects involved with running a motel or Holiday Park today it’s almost impossible to master all the skills and knowledge required to be successful. The Tourism industry is overloaded with offerings of products and services from people around the world making promises that never come to fruition.

Have you ever thought to yourself “I wonder if this is actually working” Ever had someone contact you guaranteeing to get your website number one on google, or what about telling you your website is buggared and it could be so much better if you just gave them some of your hard earned money?

Does any of this sounds familiar,

  • I need help from someone who can translate marketing jargon to English & I trust?
  • I need a marketing plan but don’t know where to start?
  • I want to learn more but can’t get away from the business and need someone to come to me?
  • how do I measure success of marketing we do?
  • where are my customers coming from?
  • how can I reduce commissions and get more people to my website?
  • I need to update my website, photos and content but don’t know where to start?

This is why I decided to name my services Practical Solutionz. There are a lot of excellent website builders, online digital marketers and more out there but very few are good at explaining and translating the “what’s” and “why’s”. Most importantly advice needs to be practical and relevant to your business. My aim is to offer practical information and show you how to measure any marketing you do as well as put a basic business plan together for your online needs. I think if you make it too complicated you won’t stick with a plan so keep it practical and simple and it has a better chance of getting positive results.

Practical Solutionz offers…

Practical planning  - Practical measurement  - Practical advice and assistance